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- Combat pilot, been outta game a year, need to work myself back in, Dread ready, carrier (almost) loo ...2010.02.05 02:58:00
- ok all the complaining about CCP helpin the nubcakes over the years with useless changes to game mec ...2009.03.12 05:02:00
- OP smells of "I bought my char and carrier with GTCs and now i want a mom, its not fair"build costs ...2009.02.26 00:42:00
- excellent posts all, but my question still goes unanswered; what is the good of a bonus that cant be ...2009.02.26 00:37:00
- It's my hope that stuff like this gets the PVE crowd into a more PVP-oriented mindset in terms of ...2009.02.25 22:58:00
- Maybe JUST MAYBE CCP knows what they are doing.and carriers were the swiss army of eve because we al ...2009.02.23 05:36:00
- sure why not, make the game easier, no problem, makes it easier for killing you if you can get into ...2009.02.23 01:42:00
- so we can go from macro mining to macro pos deployment? whats next? ...2009.02.23 00:12:00
- No need to remove it.Just raise fees from current 2mil to 100mil every week. You can bet 99% of grie ...2009.02.23 00:11:00
- You have stumbled across a feature that was planned for Apocrypha but was ultimately cut due to time ...2009.02.22 23:13:00
- stealing other peoples stuff is always a good route. Killing and not dying other people is pro-tip ...2009.02.22 18:41:00
- Here's the big question - if the technical issues could be solved, do you think this gameplay change ...2009.02.22 09:06:00
- I played eve for about 2 or 3 months and then quit because I lost my battleship and the game just wa ...2009.02.22 08:37:00
- It was programmed this way to prevent empire war targets ejecting from their ships and getting neutr ...2009.02.11 15:59:00
- if the person who originally piloted the ship tries to board it again, he can...story: Charon sits o ...2009.02.11 03:13:00

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