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- Please keep this info up-to-date. It's a useful linky from our private board ...2007.08.08 10:21:00
- Edited by: Shiraz Merlot on 30/07/2007 22:22:46 Last time I looked, Stackless Python doesn't do SMP ...2007.07.30 22:22:00
- They've got to have some huge holes in their code somewhere. They're getting faster and faster har ...2007.07.30 15:22:00
- T PEPPERAMIplz post your fleet size and composition in advance of each battle. we then promise to br ...2007.07.28 22:30:00
- mens room, mens rea. ...2007.07.21 02:28:00
- hm...D never made posts like this on theyre losses A shame to see a MC member be the first to smac ...2007.07.16 22:02:00
- To sum up practically everything said above:* Good attitude, * Commitment. ...2007.07.16 12:52:00
- Henry IV (3 April 1367 20 March 1413) was the King of England and France and Lord of Ireland from ...2007.07.14 07:43:00
- use CTRL+Left click to offline a module (it does say so if you hover over the on/off switch)... be s ...2007.07.11 13:02:00
- Edited by: xHalcyonx on 10/07/2007 18:48:09 Excellent! I really like it. 3. How about the ability ...2007.07.11 08:52:00
- Excellent! I really like it.A few ideas:1. Would be nice to have that "All Level V" pseudocharacter ...2007.07.10 04:27:00
- boo was my first ever pvp kill. His gistii-fitted cerberus was holding off a small rzr gang and only ...2007.07.09 22:39:00
- Always go with your gut feeling. ...2007.06.30 03:55:00
- Erm, GODS and M.Corp aren't exactly New North. They're as old as any of the corps in RAZOR, Morsus ...2007.06.30 03:53:00
- Edited by: Shiraz Merlot on 25/06/2007 09:51:25 Gargantuation? Oops. Well spotted :DA more complet ...2007.06.25 09:45:00

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