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- :words:Exciting words, granted, but CCP has a history of giving lots of good :words: then completely ...2011.08.15 16:28:00
- Edited by: Astomichi on 03/08/2011 20:10:04 The cause of majority of these "problems" with current ...2011.08.03 20:09:00
- Way to go CCP. Cut off isk for normal humans, do nothing against the hordes of belt-ratting bots. Ar ...2011.03.25 23:09:00
- Hilmar, I hope you guys and gals at CCP will also have some tasty tidbits to show for future titles. ...2011.02.26 23:38:00
- Confirming that still no one cares about WIS. Fix spaceships first, then you can add your creepy dol ...2011.02.18 01:46:00
- Never stop doing this.Ever. ...2011.02.11 05:00:00
- Two new ones with the latest expansion:While holding down Ctrl (Which freezes the overview in place ...2011.02.11 04:28:00
- Confirming that the latest update has broken the ability to delete. :( ...2011.01.16 21:46:00
- I've seen your requests for information and would really like to know more about what would be of va ...2011.01.15 23:32:00
- Discussion then turned to the issue of botting and RMT, and what could be done to reduce their imp ...2011.01.15 15:49:00
- To echo 9/10s of every reply in this thread:I am wholeheartedly against any sort of micro-transactio ...2010.11.22 21:06:00
- As reported by others in several threads, this latest update has broken EVE's ability to be proxied ...2010.08.23 01:47:00
- Sounds pretty good, but I'll believe it when I see the fleet battles sans lag. ...2010.08.13 17:37:00
- Fix. Server. Lag. ...2010.07.16 18:54:00
- The GMs are, barring the bugs that make them necessary, the single worst thing about eve.The junior ...2010.06.27 20:17:00

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