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- Three quotes of note:It's a constant, slow battle Slow is exactly the problem unfortunately. A bit t ...2010.08.15 00:12:00
- The 'being honest' part, and the post you created, where not the things I reacted on with my post. ...2010.08.03 16:48:00
- I don't usually line by line peoples' stuff, but this just begged for it. You can make that kinda c ...2010.08.02 22:18:00
- The root of the issue here isn't the lag or the bugs or the aim towards a space theme park with inca ...2010.07.30 22:24:00
- So, 58 pages, and really truly, not much has changed from CCP's end, but a lot has developed from th ...2010.07.27 19:38:00
- Thanks for the info! Will digest the numbers a bit more and comment further. I wish I could been the ...2010.07.07 22:27:00
- I want to emphasise that the NDA breach was not related to CSM5, and happened well before Ank took o ...2010.07.07 18:46:00
- Wow, not only is there some heavy drama within New Eden currently, but on the CSM too!Listen, I've n ...2010.07.07 17:44:00
- Testing is cancelled for today apparently. It's been postponed to Saturday July 3rd. That's what the ...2010.07.01 20:31:00
- Residuals of the move? Or more related to current lag issues? ...2010.06.30 20:47:00
- Edited by: Cinori Aluben on 30/06/2010 17:51:02 --LAG SPECIFIC RESPONSE-- CCP is planning to addre ...2010.06.30 17:50:00
- Good post Ankh, and glad to see it confirmed by Mynxee.Couple thoughts/points of note: Unfortunate ...2010.06.30 17:35:00
- Edited by: Cinori Aluben on 30/06/2010 16:31:02 CCP Yokai, you are the man. I'm continuing to like ...2010.06.30 16:30:00
- Glad to see you listened, and are quickly deploying fixes for these errors created in the last patch ...2010.06.30 15:53:00
- Ditto on "No SP pool introduction? No PI fixes? No progress on teh lags?"Things I liked: * Memory u ...2010.06.28 14:29:00

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