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- The platform is still useless, I guess king of the useless is a title he's got more experience with ...2011.03.26 22:09:00
- bumping every 10min isn't allowed.Also add an character sheet link (look at other adverts)Also price ...2011.03.17 15:19:00
- if everyone would be player controlled, with every kill, someone would have lost a ship.yea that's k ...2010.04.22 18:06:00
- I just wish I was smarter./thread ...2010.04.22 13:09:00
- I bookmarked this thread just in case in another forum is questioned again "why does eve-online donī ...2010.04.22 13:04:00
- can't belive noone has mentioned it yet.Your biggest problem is: Tengu Engineering - Capacitor Regen ...2010.04.22 01:47:00
- Glad we could all help! It's amazing to see so many people agreeing with each other in one thread!T ...2010.04.21 21:31:00
- t2 ammo has drawbacks. ...2010.04.21 20:52:00
- You where ambiguous, you don't see that?anyways, done. ...2010.04.21 17:17:00
- Shame none of them answer the original question;say what? Without you disclosing what type of ship y ...2010.04.21 15:12:00
- oh, brain fart, well since it seems he's remaping perception/willpower it doesen't matter, train the ...2010.04.21 14:46:00
- Ok it's time to relax and take a deep breath. You currently got no idea what the alliance of your dr ...2010.04.21 14:25:00
- electronics are all int/mem (electronics, long range targeting, electronics upgrades, targeting, sig ...2010.04.21 14:02:00
- How's the Tengu compare to the Raven?Very well, for gurista plexes it's plain better, for l4 mission ...2010.04.21 13:22:00
- I usally explain to friends that eve is about ruining someones day. Hope that clears it up. 30 sec s ...2010.04.21 13:14:00

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