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- I'm kinda hoping that with the servers down by shiny new BS is not being blown to sh!t by a room ful ...2011.07.13 16:33:00
- Edited by: TheLostPenguin on 13/07/2011 16:29:57 Is it me or does the database issues seem much mor ...2011.07.13 16:29:00
- Slow client death, now stuck at auth relogging, api down, yay for smooth rollouts \o/ ...2011.07.13 16:26:00
- 1: CCP said there would never be MT of ANY sort first off, then it's vanity items only... 2: Then t ...2011.06.25 13:19:00
- failsauceThreadnaught 2.0:GO ...2011.06.24 21:03:00
- Edited by: TheLostPenguin on 21/06/2011 17:35:27 Downtime extended (the first of many times), wow, ...2011.06.21 17:34:00
- Sounds nice, altho the preview vid i saw a while back I thought they looked a bit over-animated and ...2011.06.21 17:15:00
- Just tried this on Duality and wow! If character animation for males is as near finished as suggest ...2011.05.28 17:21:00
- Asking both these questions again, hoping for a reply.1. When I created my character I chose an outf ...2011.05.27 17:38:00
- Also - can we manufacture clothes and ship modifications with PI materials?I just realised how thi ...2011.05.27 16:53:00
- It's funny to me that people who play a game that's hyper-capitalistic have issues with new currenci ...2011.05.27 16:48:00
- That's nice and all - But I've got a more pressing topic to be covered:How do you pronounce that? Es ...2011.05.27 16:39:00
- I mean I'll just undress every time I leave the station right? Is there anything stopping me from ...2011.05.27 15:58:00
- Eventually you will see just the one free set and whatever clothing you have acquired.Sounds like yo ...2011.05.27 15:39:00
- Random character bling has been pitched as a microtransaction thing for a while now, at present the ...2011.05.27 15:19:00

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