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- This fell apart faster than D2. ...2010.02.03 18:06:00
- Sorry to hear for your loss Cosmo, even worse when your mates do it out of fear and panic. ...2009.11.26 02:03:00
- NO ITS NOT HARD TO LOOK AT MY SELF IN THE MIRROR BECAUSE IM ****ING AWESOMEOMFG El'Tar is the effin ...2008.06.28 04:35:00
- Edited by: Clorthos on 21/05/2008 15:00:46 duh in noob corp reposting on toon in a corp ...2008.05.21 14:59:00
- I used to think that Motherships not being able to dock was a godo idea, before the cost was driven ...2008.05.14 21:40:00
- truncated content ...2007.11.22 08:37:00
- They are giving you more ships to cover more roles, butjump frieghters are going to have to be inven ...2007.11.21 16:23:00
- I agree capital ships vs the under 12 month player is a huge deal for the newer player, however inst ...2007.11.14 17:01:00
- SOE nerfs and, most important, breaks. Compared to SOE, CCP balances. Same thing different name, c ...2007.11.14 16:47:00
- BS you can skill up a capital pilot in less than a year. Please don't say stuff like "I spent two ye ...2007.11.13 23:50:00
- The issue here isnt JUST that carriers are being nerfed. They are pretty much going insane with nerf ...2007.11.13 23:26:00
- This states to me that, no matter what your player base wants, your going to do as you see fit.Hey ...2007.11.06 05:17:00
- bp's to turn all fuel items into compressed pos fuel, then yes. but you would have to reprocess the ...2007.10.29 16:19:00
- /clap clap CCPYou have just taken sides with my wife on getting me to quit the game. carriers used f ...2007.10.26 17:27:00
- long story short, stuff happened, feelings were hurt, and friends were lost forever.At this point ...2007.09.24 21:30:00

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