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- Please don't completely destroy IAC, I would like to come back and have some more fun with them some ...2008.09.18 05:34:00
- First? Neat :-) Wish I was an inventor. ...2007.11.17 08:59:00
- I found a (hopefully temporary) fix for this - register a new user account with Windows XP, then swi ...2007.11.08 07:42:00
- Argh, computer deleted post - basically, I'm having the same problem and have found no way to fix it ...2007.11.08 01:16:00
- Well, you're not alone... I've seen a few other people, myself included, who are having that problem ...2007.11.07 06:14:00
- ive started geting an error, a bad one, because i cant even get past the splash screen :(i spent all ...2007.11.07 01:42:00
- I'm having the same problem, and multiple reinstalls aren't fixing it. Anyone found what's going on ...2007.11.07 01:37:00
- They might as well replace dictors with a 30mil ISK one-shot bubblebomb, because that's exactly how ...2007.11.02 03:08:00
- I recommend that CCP access that pilot's personal information and send authorities over there right ...2007.10.25 19:48:00
- I believe they're meant to be mission-running ships, so sensor strength was one of the (virtually) P ...2007.10.05 06:54:00
- I have a Vexor lying around someplace named Doomerang. ...2007.08.28 09:34:00
- I know it's already been covered, but there seemed to be enough people in the wrong that it could us ...2007.05.08 15:25:00
- Edited by: Tubiger on 19/03/2007 00:12:49 So, the Hemingway reference... would that be the part whe ...2007.03.19 00:16:00

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