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- Well for those too lazy or inept to click on a single hyperlink, I'll post my spiel here: Wow we ge ...2008.05.05 07:54:00
- actually you can reach Jovian Region, just need a GM to gang you and open up a cyno :D ...2008.04.25 12:08:00
- nobody stops you from doing an IGB Game and use it. ...2008.04.21 11:54:00
- just make cloaking like it was in EnB (good ol' times)once you cloak your cap recharge rate drops to ...2008.04.21 11:33:00
- Edited by: Evil Spy on 14/04/2008 11:47:00 delete me please ...2008.04.14 11:47:00
- messiah... \o/welcome to the nutcase, if you're bored at any time, just tell us, we always got crazy ...2008.03.27 19:16:00
- Hello N3mmy my love ...2006.06.03 10:22:00

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