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- for me, thx Senttata ...2008.10.09 21:49:00
- for me, thx ...2008.10.09 21:42:00
- Thank god this is true, like i would be walking around in rl in tights, just the thoughts.....I hear ...2008.09.22 13:46:00
- The thread containing the details of the moron who gained unlawful access posing as someone he was n ...2008.09.22 13:38:00
- Hey Fred, I've accepted your apply. ...2008.09.01 23:01:00
- Discuss! But first go and feel bad for being socially ret4arted wannabe spy. ahaha, someone hit y ...2008.09.01 22:57:00
- I have to go with Lowa here. GNW gave such a good battles. Like, 'the last stand' in 6nj or some of ...2008.08.08 05:12:00
- Seriously, blobs are way older than that, depends how you view eve history. There was such thing w ...2008.08.06 10:17:00
- Honestly no one won er, noBoB won, NC lost.And as for whine about lag/blobs... the NC practically in ...2008.08.06 09:51:00
- 1 for 'Niobe Xenos' please ...2008.08.05 10:30:00
- Anywhoo keep yapping , every post you make just shows what a clueless little muppet you are , but re ...2008.05.20 12:32:00
- pile of crap You just can not stop lieing now can't you ? No wonder why some BNC directors hate you ...2008.05.05 15:31:00
- more propaganda, nothing can save you from your inevitable falling and complete destruction.That's t ...2008.02.25 17:20:00
- Yes, Persh is right. ...2008.01.25 14:27:00
- WB Jade. Guess we dont have to disagree about shooting neutrals in Pure Blind anymore... ...2008.01.25 14:25:00

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