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- I thought there were no goons??? ...2011.04.03 17:56:00
- You'd be surprised on how many of the Empire players are actually alts of 0.0 players. ...2011.03.31 03:35:00
- The pubbie tears must flow.... ...2011.03.26 17:08:00
- - why is IT losing stations? - why there are no fights(i check IT killboard every day)? - what all ...2011.01.05 08:36:00
- Originally Posted by SirMolle You got bent over and got *****slapped properly in PNQ on the 22nd.Wh ...2010.12.27 06:41:00
- Was planning on seeing Tron Legacy @ the Imax in Dublin (Hacienda Crossings 20 plus IMAX in Dublin) ...2010.12.14 18:57:00
- 10/10's are piece of cake compared to HQ's, and HQ's are piece of cake compared to the final phase o ...2010.02.28 08:42:00
- DBRB has started the insurrection. We, the rightful goons will take 49- out of the cold dead hands ...2010.01.19 06:57:00
- Ihub comes out in 30 and Sysk staging pos is **** caged and conga'd by 75+ apocs..Wake up guys, we w ...2010.01.11 03:41:00
- Edited by: Slayton Ford on 23/12/2009 09:31:47 I really understand CCPs wanting to get Fighterbombe ...2009.12.23 09:31:00
- Yea, Detorid is crappy space...but Geminate is not considered moving on up. ...2009.12.14 06:37:00
- So those claiming victory sounds more like someone claiming "Sure I was hit by a car, but did you se ...2009.12.14 06:36:00
- Nohz should be fixing AFs, not caps. At least then his changes won't cost the player base a signifi ...2009.11.20 02:52:00
- o7 Dark Mokoto and also greatings to STK, still have fond memorys of the days in Venal <3I will say ...2009.11.09 04:42:00
- We just wanted in on the fights nearby... this is hardly newsworthy...So, you guys gonna get camped ...2009.11.07 18:35:00

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