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- This is a great thread. So many things i didnt knew yet, and that after 3 years.The first two month ...2010.02.26 03:45:00
- i think the rolleyes were to indicate that everyone so far had failed to write Oursulaert correctly ...2009.04.06 15:25:00
- on the days i actually do something i make 200-300mil / day need to update buy orders a few times a ...2009.04.06 14:52:00
- 1x for Nienna Lianwe ...2009.03.29 22:47:00
- First step is either, wait untill he sells all his things. or if there isent a lot of stuff and i k ...2009.03.27 22:30:00
- Great service, money well spent. thx o7 ...2009.03.25 16:23:00
- i would like this really, would eliminate some confusion ...2009.03.25 00:05:00
- truncated content ...2009.03.25 00:02:00
- There are certainly ppl earning 1bil+ / day by trading. And they have a huge capital involved in th ...2009.03.18 20:48:00
- These things happen a lot. basically you have the ppl who are dedicated to trading at a certain hub ...2009.03.15 11:47:00
- Didnt see thatone coming, ill give ya that But none of the above applies to us, and i guess atleas ...2009.02.26 11:54:00
- There is no way they would trust Oveur with this kind of important info :D Need more proof :p ...2009.02.23 02:50:00
- well, 278 days. Thats about 8hours every day, thats bad :p But considering how afk friendly this g ...2009.01.10 08:37:00
- This is actually gonna be good to reduce lag. Cause can you imagine how long ppl will now spend in ...2009.01.09 07:10:00
- Its truely a whole new world, OUR world :D ...2009.01.08 22:27:00

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