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- Once more the core problem is overlooked. When PvEing in low/null sec all the advantages are with te ...2011.08.25 00:57:00
- Edited by: Sylper Illysten on 10/04/2010 14:57:56 Edited by: Sylper Illysten on 10/04/2010 14:56:48 ...2010.04.10 14:55:00
- It would appear you've bene scammed, my account was hacke.This character is not for sale ...2010.04.10 13:15:00
- accepted 9.5b 8 hours to leave the corp transferred characters ...2010.04.10 07:39:00
- i am not interested in character + isk ...2010.04.10 06:37:00
- you do not have online? ...2010.04.10 03:54:00
- Skill: Sylper_IllystenEM Shield Compensation v Energy Grid Upgrades v Energy Management v Energ ...2010.04.10 03:34:00
- Must say i'm a bit disappointed by the fact you can't mix racial subsystems. I was lookign forward t ...2009.02.12 22:40:00
- nothing is grim missiles are working as intended and you simply dont like it. time to suck it up. ...2008.12.12 07:08:00
- Misisles. Lets face it, the fact that missiles can do any damage to anything is completely unalanced ...2008.12.07 23:04:00
- Edited by: Sylper Illysten on 28/11/2008 00:52:53 Or is there another side to this that I'm not con ...2008.11.28 00:52:00
- More crap Who said anything about forcing people in to low sec. As it stands highsec is almost as p ...2008.11.27 21:41:00
- Edited by: Sylper Illysten on 27/11/2008 21:40:04 As a casual player I'm not in low sec as I simply ...2008.11.27 21:38:00
- Edited by: Sylper Illysten on 19/11/2008 02:34:42 How about NPC's that use the same equipment as th ...2008.11.19 02:33:00
- Why is it wrong when large missiles have the same drawbacks as large turrets?Because they have an ad ...2008.11.13 23:31:00

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