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- Indeed, such as well founded argument is almost impossible to disagree with! I, for one, would like ...2011.07.02 11:35:00
- Here's a presentation from the creators of BF:Heroes that explains why Hilmar gives no fcks about th ...2011.06.27 13:49:00
- Edited by: Sing Xing on 27/06/2011 11:50:44 @Trebor Daehdoow, Seleene, Mittens and the rest of the ...2011.06.27 11:47:00
- I started playing this game because I was bored with the same boring content in WoW. I enjoyed how ...2011.06.25 15:03:00
- Dear overreacting players, Read thisNeX store, high prices:#1: Stops the plex demand spike from happ ...2011.06.25 11:20:00
- To everyone who is unsubscribing.Please send your spare ISK to 'Sing Xing'. I am adorable, poor and ...2011.06.24 23:40:00
- Edited by: Realdoll1 on 24/06/2011 22:50:38 The only question that matters is the one you didnt add ...2011.06.24 23:15:00
- Good job at totally avoiding the elephant in the room (again).I guess I'll repeat my question again: ...2011.06.24 22:35:00
- Edited by: Korbin Dallaz on 24/06/2011 22:12:06 Hey all. To clarify this blog, its intent was to ad ...2011.06.24 22:27:00
- I believe the Devblog missed the point a little. - Address the 800lb gorilla in the room. I honest ...2011.06.24 21:56:00
- My god, most of the people ITT are the most entitled, snotty, whiny turds, I've ever had the displea ...2011.06.24 21:37:00
- Here is what I hope they'll write. Dear playerbase, get the **** out.Going into self perpetuating ...2011.06.24 20:59:00
- Just want to say that I participated in a closed beta on another (highly profiled) MMO a while back, ...2010.04.29 20:52:00

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