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- Don't forget your Connections skill (everyone loves standings), and your trading skills (everyone lo ...2010.12.05 16:39:00
- Well ... as to Ninja Salvaging ... 5) What I believe Ninja Salvaging is really all about - is not m ...2010.12.03 23:14:00
- Edited by: Kezzle on 03/12/2010 22:56:24 Plus, the very first NPC a newbie killed in any first gen ...2010.12.03 22:55:00
- Wasn't there a time when all Minmatar ships used oars for propulsion? Oars?! Tha' wer' luckeh. ...2010.11.30 18:10:00
- Edited by: Kezzle on 30/11/2010 18:03:17 what is the difference between battlcruisers and battleshi ...2010.11.30 18:02:00
- No-one in his/her right mind would use +4/+5 implants in PvP and many people who have them and can ...2010.11.28 23:59:00
- Also, if you mine into a jetcan it's not stealing, I mean if you found something that had obviously ...2010.11.26 20:12:00
- So I spent 20 minutes in the rookie help...and there wasn't a single person who had any idea how to ...2010.11.22 00:23:00
- You keep saying that such-and-such a ship "cannot" do this or that thing. And yet the empirical evid ...2010.11.22 00:16:00
- So.... to sum up, there really is no middle ground for pvp and pve? Seriously? That's... the who ...2010.11.22 00:06:00
- How can you scan the other side of a gate to detect a gate camp? I've done my homework. I have don ...2010.11.21 23:59:00
- Which just tends to break the immersion. A ship 5 times smaller than mine should not be able to de ...2010.11.20 20:10:00
- Hey guys, with all the group content that's coming in Incursion, I was wondering if anything was pla ...2010.11.20 19:56:00
- seems my personal computer will be packed up for a few weeks due to a error...Are you sure you ...2010.11.19 12:53:00
- Saving 25million for those advanced learning skillbooks going at 100k a mission is... ridiculous. Do ...2010.11.19 12:49:00

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