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- friend bump ...2011.08.19 03:54:00
- Ok so what is concords deal then? For 2mil they turn a blind eye to a wardec. I call bull****. The ...2011.05.16 21:27:00
- First off, you're welcome. You don't think that I know I'm not bumping you every time I post. This a ...2011.05.04 23:58:00
- I never said that you failed the psych test. Miners are crazy to stare at rocks all day anyway. I sa ...2011.05.04 18:29:00
- The point of my original post was to change your attitude to make yourself more valuable to your pot ...2011.05.04 04:29:00
- Attitude problem? Not quite. Yes, your attitude problem I am only looking at corps that took the t ...2011.05.04 03:14:00
- If you do not take the time to be organized, (b)your(/b) not the corp for me. I'm sorry I think you ...2011.05.03 17:53:00
- Edited by: Colonel Handgrenade on 03/01/2011 18:36:09 You heard right! CABB is a new Corp that is ...2011.01.04 18:16:00

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