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- **** it, i'll do your job for you.First off, you need objectives that people want to fight over. Not ...2009.11.09 09:41:00
- It would appear CCP are still unsure of the final mechanics of the sov system.They have not even est ...2009.11.08 11:23:00
- hai, a step in the right direction, I guessP.S. Static Plex, bring em back, give people something to ...2008.12.29 00:54:00
- around 430bnno big deal ...2008.12.24 20:24:00
- You're really complaining this hard about a 7% Inflation of GTC sales over the course of three years ...2008.12.24 20:19:00
- i sell a lot of timecodes and from what i can tell then the price spike is mostly due to band of bro ...2008.12.24 20:09:00
- *snip* Posting with an unidentified character and characters in NPC corporations in this forum is pr ...2008.05.24 13:13:00
- dont make the entire movie super zoomed in, at 10 fps and someone might care next time ...2008.05.11 20:23:00
- Honestly, I can't really place my vote anywhere tho I would love to, but it's just hard to find vide ...2008.01.16 17:13:00
- For inzi, best cat out thereWhere did inzi go to then?into this dispensable thing called real life O ...2008.01.10 16:09:00
- For inzi, best cat out thereWhere did inzi go to then? ...2008.01.10 15:30:00
- What happened to risk vs reward? Most people arent willing to take risks, CCP wants as many people a ...2008.01.08 10:57:00
- Edited by: Jita TradeAlt on 06/01/2008 18:00:47 No I think the removal of wrecks and rats from the ...2008.01.06 17:55:00
- Funny because its true i guessSilly me trying to discuss things with a bitter alt, have a good day. ...2008.01.05 19:49:00
- Edited by: SFShootme on 05/01/2008 17:54:36 that was pretty horrible.non-ironic use of linking park ...2008.01.05 18:53:00

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