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- I find myself in the interesting position of receiving a plethora of well-wishes and consolations fr ...2011.06.15 12:27:00
- Silas it is truly not your fault, While you set in your pocket mining, Ratting and farming your alli ...2011.06.13 22:16:00
- You don't have to live in the house you build, but if you fail to build anything in your lifetime, y ...2011.05.06 16:55:00
- Everything you do should either be something productive or in pursuit of learning. You can't place ...2011.05.06 15:17:00
- As a liberal Caldari I believe that:Utilitarianism should form the basis for action.If money is a ...2011.05.06 15:04:00
- So now you'd better stop and rebuild all your ruins, For peace and trust can win the day despite ...2011.05.06 13:32:00
- Still doesn't get over the fact that most, if not all, of Providence is unprofitable from the pers ...2011.05.06 11:56:00
- Edited by: Spoon Thumb on 02/05/2011 20:12:59 Also, Slavery is clearly not the black-and-white issu ...2011.05.02 20:12:00
- Also, Slavery is clearly not the black-and-white issue that U'K suggest, and their insistence on p ...2011.05.02 13:08:00
- Querious belongs to FIX. However in the meantime, I would suggest simply hiring Pandemic Legion to ...2011.05.02 12:49:00
- Names are given, not taken.You can call yourself Lord or CEO, but it is just pretension until othe ...2011.04.27 19:06:00
- I am saddened that pilots of the Kingdom, Mandate and Empire are to fight each other when there is s ...2011.04.27 18:44:00
- Did someone say Spoon? ...2011.04.19 00:00:00
- Different people learn in different ways, so if you can work out your style of learning, you can lea ...2011.04.18 18:03:00
- Good Luck LeoGive my regards to Aralis for all his help and support in the past. ...2011.02.21 11:32:00

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