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- It might be an idea to ask over at EDK's forum, here: ...2010.01.29 05:21:00
- I don't think anybody's noticed yet, but it seems the AB bonus on assault frigs is in EFT when in fa ...2009.12.02 00:49:00
- Kudos Gripen, thank you. :) ...2009.12.01 16:53:00
- Happy birthday, BDCI!/raises drink ...2009.11.16 06:35:00
- Definitely signed. Things were going so well, only to take a lot of steps backwards.I'm not sure the ...2009.11.13 00:57:00
- Good fun and some great fights.Thanks for the epicness. ...2009.06.16 22:38:00
- Supported.Assault Ships seem a little over-looked as it is, and more as a skill you have to get to 4 ...2009.06.09 13:29:00
- It's odd that everything else POS-like is set via standings, but not the actual shield. Perhaps a to ...2009.06.08 11:57:00
- I'd be happy if Gallente just got a few boats that were very decent Railgun-platforms, as it is at t ...2009.05.20 04:10:00
- one for 'yellow crackerjacks'And up, all gone now. Thanks for buying! ...2009.02.25 21:47:00
- 1x for ZepplinShould be up. ...2009.02.25 21:37:00
- Edited by: holyone on 25/02/2009 21:47:37 Edited by: holyone on 25/02/2009 21:37:24 As topic, plea ...2009.02.25 21:35:00
- The best way to see if there is any keybinding options, would be to go to the game menu (press Escap ...2007.08.10 14:12:00
- Thank you martinand, for providing this.I'm fairly new to VBScript etc, how can I run the private fu ...2007.08.02 17:04:00
- Thank you for confirming - The two near-identical names can make it confusing.A sell order has been ...2007.07.28 15:47:00

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