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- Ehm...all of the benefits, none of the risk? Good luck. ...2010.06.15 09:07:00
- Doesn't matter either way, all the lil gate camping ebil piwates make these a non-event anyway. ...2010.06.12 00:51:00
- Edited by: Svedge on 07/05/2008 16:32:16 "Subscription successfully canceled" Subscription Status: ...2008.05.13 02:52:00
- Besides idling in the Recruitment channel, our public channel for recruiting is Xoth-Public.As we ar ...2008.05.11 22:09:00
- Awesome write up Jade! The pirate fiasco was especially funny heh ...2008.01.17 01:44:00
- hmm makes sense..still.. let the drones go thru too then ;) ...2007.11.29 13:25:00
- Edited by: Nick Curso on 28/11/2007 22:07:32 watches GS go from ripping it outta ISS to kissing ass ...2007.11.29 12:42:00
- Why why why can missiles, hybrid, arty, other projectile ammo penetrate POS shields, yet drones cant ...2007.11.29 05:36:00
- Very well written postI miss IAC :( Razor are somewhat of a nuisance. IAC were like the neighbour wh ...2007.11.29 00:59:00
- Edited by: Silentil on 28/11/2007 11:39:04 You must do two things prior to launching EVE client for ...2007.11.28 07:11:00
- cant wait to get home to see all this!WTB "Pimp My Ride" style customisation for ships ;) ...2007.11.28 06:58:00
- From what I can see, they haven't implemented the coding to move the majority of shininess to the GP ...2007.11.28 06:55:00
- Mine did the same thing at 50% I have 18gb free on C: and 89gb free on the EVE drive - my network is ...2007.11.28 00:14:00
- For clarity:Sisi patch pageTQ to Sisi conversion fileHow to connect to Sisi shortcut info ...2007.11.27 18:21:00
- When you go to the patch page, there is a file you need to download to convert your EVE install to t ...2007.11.27 18:16:00

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