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- Brother Havohej always handles these situations with such style. Kudos on the happy ending for more ...2010.01.08 20:50:00
- The components required to build T2 ships was modified heavily in Dominion. ...2010.01.07 23:59:00
- Yea yea guys i know its a big major fail just never thought i would get stuck you see xD and i have ...2010.01.07 23:49:00
- Idea 05 : Similar to above, put a STANDING SCORE with the insurance company. Would be a re-use of al ...2009.12.23 02:00:00
- Has the time for the "Slavery really isn't Slavery, but Freedom is" speech come around again already ...2009.12.17 23:06:00
- This problem has been long ignored by CCP; it doesn't seem like it should be that difficult to fix. ...2009.12.16 01:17:00
- Once the SBUs (gate flag modules) have gone online, any station/hubs are vulnerable. Period. Anyon ...2009.12.15 23:44:00
- My guess is one of the following: * you were criminally flagged in lowsec and were trying to jump t ...2009.12.03 02:33:00
- Until the last of our brethren lives free, our struggle goes on. For our people!http://www.ushrakha ...2009.11.26 00:47:00
- The struggle for Freedom goes on! are you sure ...2009.11.26 00:36:00
- Edited by: Becq Starforged on 25/11/2009 00:08:04 I like the idea of nerfing docking-games, but giv ...2009.11.25 00:01:00
- While I'm sure there are few T2 pilots who wouldn't accept a huge payout from the NPC insurers eevry ...2009.11.24 03:15:00
- Deadspace pockets don't actually prevent warp drive useage completely, they simply create disturbanc ...2009.11.24 03:00:00
- Any docking timer should only occur at NPC stations.An outpost is a very expensive corporate/allianc ...2009.11.20 22:36:00
- Your solution does not fix the scenario you were complaining about in your original post.Carriers re ...2009.11.20 18:50:00

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