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- Actually, was completely legit, go no takers, it remains what I set it to.If someone is interested i ...2011.09.04 21:05:00
- Are you an 'elite pvper'? Do you want your name on arguably the most dangerous systems in eve? (17 ...2011.09.04 00:07:00
- Just a heads up, it appears that a single quotation mark (') in a corp name will break the applicati ...2011.08.16 15:02:00
- Want to trade Sov in VFK for it? ...2011.08.03 15:47:00
- Eh, you don't generally want them have to go to multiple screens. I'm actually okay with redundant i ...2011.07.21 17:35:00
- BTW, here is a patch that we're using with this product. It just does a quick 'max fuel this pos' t ...2011.07.20 16:02:00
- Other important posts by Daxation - think we need ...2011.07.20 15:52:00
- Lexia, you might be a pubbie, but you're one of the best of SMA. You've helped me out twice, so you ...2011.07.04 14:45:00
- combo breaker ...2011.06.21 18:16:00
- Edited by: Kismeteer on 19/06/2011 15:44:04 Edited by: Kismeteer on 19/06/2011 15:40:24 PL couldn' ...2011.06.19 15:40:00
- Can you ask John Zastrow about how he (or The Mittani) likes to fit his Sabre? ...2011.06.12 14:57:00
- Every new goon that joins tends to have that 'oh a newbie!' moment. In that moment, he tends to get ...2011.05.24 12:01:00
- Eh, there's an easy fix if they implement this: Don't live in 0.0.Or quit playing eve, only way you ...2011.05.10 18:50:00
- The link to the wiki is broken, it should be: ...2011.04.11 16:46:00
- I was given a plex by my corporation, and I'm now giving it to the relief effort. And who said all ...2011.03.19 07:24:00

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