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- Edited by: Zhull on 20/09/2007 13:35:06 I is a good idea, and you have valid points but if you want ...2007.09.20 13:23:00
- I still fail to understand the logic behind this change. Most people agree that Amarr could use a b ...2007.05.31 16:32:00
- Edited by: Zhull on 19/02/2007 21:06:57 I use the following setup to rat in the new kali regions:Hi ...2007.02.19 21:10:00
- If I place a refinery at the edge of a POS bubble and i set it to allow alliance members, can they u ...2007.01.26 17:06:00
- Edited by: Zhull on 15/01/2007 21:55:48 Can't seem to fit both ION II and Siege II, however with a ...2007.01.15 21:55:00
- Edited by: Zhull on 12/01/2007 21:35:40 Blood raiders deal EM and Thermal Damage, so first of all m ...2007.01.12 21:35:00
- I am not in game now so i can't test it.Could someone tell me what speed increase can i expect from ...2007.01.11 14:57:00
- Which type of assembly array do i need to manufacture industrial ships at a POS?And for barges?Thank ...2007.01.09 17:20:00
- So,Here i am sitting in my ishkur that needs a little buff. Any1 out there got a REALY good PvP set ...2006.11.20 23:41:00
- According to the export the drone damage bonus is 5% per level but should be 10%. If you compare d ...2006.11.13 15:54:00
- Please, fly the ship before giving advise. Peplle complain because the myrm DPS is low compared to ...2006.11.07 20:59:00
- Has to be a joke, but if you want to shield tank that beast drop the shield extender for a boost amp ...2006.11.07 14:29:00
- Should be named the "Chribba" after the famous Veldspar mining revelation. ...2006.11.06 21:37:00
- I didn't notice it while skimming the thread, but has anyone commented on the Drake's cargo bay? It' ...2006.11.06 15:26:00

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