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- Edited by: DampJim on 15/07/2007 21:21:53 I can solo it in my dominix with a very boring setup, alt ...2007.07.15 21:21:00
- I'll try it again next time I get the mission, its no problem killing of one group at the time, but ...2007.07.15 12:08:00
- Yesterday I did the Level 4 World Collide, Serpentis/Guristas version. I had my friend in a basilisk ...2007.07.15 09:08:00
- Hey forumJust started the game after being away for... lots of time. Saw that my Tristan still has a ...2005.04.17 16:10:00
- tnhx..... then i will probably have a chance of getting them. At least better chance then from those ...2004.06.10 18:51:00
- Has anyone got an implant from a wiyrkomi agent.... i noticed that wiyrkomi was not on grismarr's li ...2004.06.10 15:26:00
- How much sec loss do i get if i pod someone in 1.0 > 0.5 or in 0.4 > 0.1? ...2004.06.08 14:42:00
- I want one perc and one will......Maybe someone can offer me a packet of perc,will and int implant. ...2004.06.04 15:54:00
- i really dont know cause i only have bad against Gallente and i whant that ...2004.05.30 18:36:00
- u can shoot guristas NPCs but that would take a LONG time to upper the standing ...2004.05.30 18:30:00

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