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- Edited by: The Offerer on 03/07/2011 00:27:01 Yes, you are in position to buy whatever you want by ...2011.07.03 22:31:00
- Edited by: John Zorg on 02/07/2011 22:06:28 I am sure that there will be no response to this. But c ...2011.07.02 22:06:00
- What happened to the 30k m3 jump bridge fuel capacity? Yet another change stated and we might see it ...2011.05.19 21:44:00
- yeh nice changes but the biggest change id like to see is bugs related to titan bridges ... they are ...2011.05.17 17:37:00
- Not much good here I see.The history thing on the fleet can get kinda cluttered now, so now you want ...2011.05.17 16:49:00
- I don't understand you CCP... there are more important things that need be worked on instead of thes ...2011.05.10 19:20:00
- Mine is also borked :S ...2011.04.24 11:32:00
- Awesome work!First place is well selected.I think the "Shawn N with an unnamed Amarr Command Ship" s ...2011.04.15 16:52:00
- Edited by: John Zorg on 20/01/2011 10:04:23 Heres a great idea! Give the drones similar bounties to ...2011.01.20 10:03:00
- 2. As you have a new artist for the dated effects, could you perhaps look at the cyno effect of capi ...2011.01.17 20:35:00
- Interesting CSM notes. I see some nice things discussed, especially around balancing.When will fixes ...2011.01.17 18:42:00
- This is in no way to really help the player. Most players that stuck through those training times we ...2010.11.26 21:49:00
- Interesting move... even though a "Freebee" of 5 mill SP is welcome. My chars are almost completely ...2010.11.25 16:44:00
- Still nothing on the shield bonus bug and the bonus on the Hel? The Hel was to have it's bonus looke ...2010.11.20 20:57:00
- Fix the Hel bonus and fix the shield bonus issue. How many years are we still going to wait for thes ...2010.11.11 17:13:00

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