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- Easy fix: the biggest the ship, the longest the aggression timer, with titan aggression timer being ...2011.09.01 16:34:00
- Until you don't realize the worst thing in EvE is the state of impunity that botting and ISK-selling ...2011.08.25 15:30:00
- -2 ...2011.06.28 15:32:00
- Are you moving beyond VANITY AUR items?CCP ZULU DO YOU SEE THE QUESTION ABOVE?CAN YOU READ IT? GOOD, ...2011.06.25 21:24:00
- So that's it? No answer to the main big concerns people is writing in big colored letters?So sad to ...2011.06.25 19:11:00
- x ...2011.06.24 20:30:00
- What to say, by far the worst "expansion" after 6 years playing EvE. Really sad.Should have made thi ...2011.06.23 02:47:00
- Let's say... when July is over, make an optional update that sends anonymous stats of who deactivate ...2011.06.23 02:28:00
- 18 months of developing time being used for THIS **** instead of game-breaking problems.Good job. ...2011.06.23 02:16:00
- TLDR: We are not doing non game-changing things like going multithread because its too much effort o ...2011.05.31 02:21:00
- We are all aware that none of the devs are actually playing the game they develop, but it would be a ...2011.02.16 10:08:00
- This is mine. ...2011.02.10 00:45:00
- TLRD: we don't have time to do things properly in the game you are paying to play, instead we are us ...2010.11.26 21:32:00
- What we think about this patch? Have you even TRIED it before releasing? Jesus christ mate just logg ...2010.10.02 01:46:00
- I have been a programmer for some years and now i'm in the QA department of a web agency.If I releas ...2010.10.02 01:34:00

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