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- Seems a little heavy-handed and the timing is questionable, but I can live with the changes. Countdo ...2011.05.10 22:06:00
- Honestly, this war was about as much fun as a wet herring. You, sir, have no imagination. A wet her ...2009.06.16 18:40:00
- truncated content ...2008.10.14 03:10:00
- Been wondering this same thing... ...2008.07.13 02:41:00
- I agree ...2008.06.13 21:08:00
- Edited by: CowWarrior on 06/06/2008 03:56:20 Yase ...2008.06.06 03:56:00
- To be honest, I think most of all you should thank CCP. I guess now you dont have to hire the lawyer ...2007.10.23 21:26:00
- Came here to post in a The Mittani thread......and to profess my unending love for our allied brosef ...2007.10.23 20:47:00
- I read a post on here recently but seem to have lost it...and an eve-search check turned up nothing ...2006.09.27 18:39:00

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