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- Don't whine about losing due to lag when you sit there with your drones out, it's your own fault, yo ...2005.10.31 05:53:00
- Oh man there is going to be some good loot flying around now. You only miss xanadu in there and we ...2005.10.30 21:38:00
- With the rain of terror we have brought to the northern regions... Hahaha!Yeah. I mean.. of course. ...2005.10.30 21:35:00
- Do you not see, he's not complaining publicly, he's warning people that ASCN are now operating an NB ...2005.10.27 12:07:00
- 500mil ...2005.10.26 14:56:00
- preach on brutha man ...2005.10.26 05:26:00
- Theft pure and simple.In simple terms. You left SE you left the Assets FULL STOP.....Access removed ...2005.10.25 22:29:00
- why do it?Cos it has made eve for what all of us wanted, a total PVP domain atm. Im glad to be fight ...2005.10.23 15:38:00
- To -V-: What did you expect tbh?to northerners: you're not even worth capital letters. talk a big ...2005.10.23 01:36:00
- Mods, please lock this thread, it's blantantly run it's course, never in my life have I heard such a ...2005.10.21 12:34:00
- Everyone was being pretty friendly till now. You had to start a smack thread didnt you?Talk to sheme ...2005.10.21 03:14:00
- Edited by: Tad Ghostal on 21/10/2005 02:52:19 Hmm...if we are having problems it might be because w ...2005.10.21 02:50:00
- Semi respect to you guys for a good fight in Nalvula just now, although jumping into you (as always) ...2005.10.21 00:01:00
- Made sure to mutual this one myself, this is the best fun I've since being north ...2005.10.20 05:12:00
- Cuz I've got this english accent thing going on and sound educated, not like some in this thread...F ...2005.10.04 19:26:00

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