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- actually... I can't think of any other online applications that offer this service O.osure I can rep ...2009.11.30 20:10:00
- What I find interesting is that some of the biggest "global warming" researchers are some of the sam ...2009.11.25 15:51:00
- I find the people who will not use voice coms creepy. What are you trying to hide? Are you afraid of ...2009.11.22 05:56:00
- Voted, but tending to agree with the sentiments expressed in posts 3 and 4. ...2009.11.20 19:17:00
- I gotta ask.. is he from the southern USA? as in * trolling remark removed - CCP Ildoge? well, g ...2009.11.20 17:12:00
- You know, since embarrassing myself in these forums not too long ago, I've tried not to have any app ...2009.11.20 03:47:00
- I love the general idea here.I have an interesting twist to suggest/point out in regards to the WH b ...2009.11.16 05:38:00
- without knowing more details of what's going to be in Incarna, this is rather a difficult request, s ...2009.11.03 17:19:00
- I'm not saying that they were WRONG to react how they did, just that they COULD have been wrong. We ...2009.10.30 17:05:00
- unhappy for the precedence given and the appearance of a rush investigation. In most things quality ...2009.10.30 16:18:00
- Interesting.. apparently CCP doesnt believe in the Butterfly Effect even though they tout it as cruc ...2009.10.30 00:10:00
- interesting.. while I have no personal animus toward CVA there are a few things to consider.1. If th ...2009.10.29 06:23:00
- After an initial reaction of "that would be cool", I read the first response and I have to agree wit ...2009.10.27 19:19:00
- yeah, christmas cheer. the question in all of this, is how would ccp disable them after the season? ...2009.10.12 14:46:00
- Recon 1/3.. last room. over 6 mil veld there. ofc, to get to it you actually have to kill all the ...2009.10.12 14:14:00

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