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- Remember the MAX campaign? This offensive reminds me of that one. ...2010.05.14 00:33:00
- You consider yourselves elitist pvpers Do what now? ...2010.05.05 02:00:00
- sys-k is not so good, c/d? ...2010.03.24 01:59:00
- why the "oh wai?" i am literally posting on right now. literally never stop posting ...2010.02.06 20:17:00
- sorry dude, were pretty laid back, so pretentious *******s in our gangs don't usually have much fu ...2010.02.06 20:08:00
- What about the posts, won't anyone think of the posts? SOLODRAKBANSOLODRAKBAN ...2010.02.05 20:09:00
- Edited by: Brobuck on 03/02/2010 15:31:23 There has been some confusion about the events of the las ...2010.02.03 15:30:00
- If the clowns start failing in a different way, i'll report it in a different way. Don't blame me t ...2010.01.18 10:47:00
- well, the clowns finished doing what they do best, conquering uncontested space, then they came to 4 ...2010.01.18 10:42:00
- I'm glad I evac'd everything to 1dh, clowns never went there even with they had this system ...2010.01.18 08:06:00
- loosing This is actually an inappropriate use of the word "loosing".You can lose your keys, or set ...2010.01.18 03:56:00
- Here is the problem.Let's take several scenarios.scene 1: Clowns have 800+ in system. Goons have t ...2010.01.18 03:51:00
- Edited by: Brobuck on 18/01/2010 03:45:53 Who was the genius who put you in your present situation ...2010.01.18 03:43:00
- So, what really happened? ...2010.01.12 14:33:00
- Its sad that goons are being told to post on the forums for morale, but hey, we all understand tha ...2009.12.18 15:22:00

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