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- Parts of it are... I forgot to tell binvox to hollow out solid objects when converting from .obj t ...2010.12.23 17:08:00
- Edited by: David Yanakov on 23/12/2010 11:25:03 Edited by: David Yanakov on 23/12/2010 11:12:14 So ...2010.12.23 11:11:00
- For effective, nothing is likely to beat the Arbitrator. For flat out murder when you just want a f ...2010.11.04 19:42:00
- For suicide ganking the geddon in the first reply works quite well. If you're looking to hunt war t ...2010.09.03 12:32:00
- For missions, tachyon beams are way over-ranged and have extremely poor tracking against cruisers. ...2010.09.03 12:25:00
- Or me ...2009.03.03 04:33:00
- Avis De Captura is for the first time actively recruiting pilots of all professions and time zones f ...2009.02.25 01:17:00
- Yeah. I did a lengthy edit to change the tone and offer real advice but apparantly the boards decid ...2007.12.11 11:12:00
- All I can say is learn to fly your bomber and most of your problems will go away. Did you know ther ...2007.12.11 10:52:00
- You might try dropping the nos and repper to upgrade to neutron blasters and an overdrive II. I did ...2007.12.11 10:42:00
- Actually there is a short window where missiles will do damage after you cloak. Usually from about ...2007.12.11 02:01:00
- Tracking disruptors are far from nerfed. I have yet to see a ship that can hit a frigate orbiting a ...2007.12.10 18:13:00
- Just for the record, with my own moderate skills I have a Sentinel that goes 4.2 km/s, nukes a dece ...2007.12.09 14:34:00
- Edited by: David Yanakov on 15/11/2007 16:42:29 The assault launcher Drake does make an excellent a ...2007.11.15 16:41:00

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