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- how about sentry drones? what kind of distance do they give with maxed skills? ...2006.02.10 00:36:00
- Dr C and Rhyslin have, but they are carebears ...2006.02.08 22:49:00
- me and my corp mate started at the same time, he has had two bpos i have had none, tad anoying reall ...2006.01.28 00:14:00
- 5 miner II's to earn some money while you get some decent skills? ...2006.01.26 12:01:00
- Just wondered if it would be possible to be a real **** and tank sentrys blowing up industrial ships ...2005.12.19 16:10:00
- How will the curse pwn an ishtar? The ishatr can control 5 heavys when the curse only 5 medium.... a ...2005.12.18 16:20:00
- yeah this is intentional so only aliances with their own stations benifit so that they can go arount ...2005.12.16 10:32:00
- This is another nail in the coffin to any corp that doesnt do aliances, doesnt own a outpost or a mo ...2005.12.15 12:17:00
- Are they any drones that are good v's other drones or is it generally eccepted that the ship with th ...2005.12.13 11:17:00
- Stay with galante, get yourself a dominix and you should be able to handle anything this game throws ...2005.12.12 12:28:00
- Just wondered if there was anything set in stone on sisi for these beasts yet? (so i can get trainin ...2005.12.07 16:24:00
- heh .. if you want to maximize lp/hour, definitely go for courier missions :peh your taking the **** ...2005.11.08 00:43:00
- Just wondered if it was more efficient to do missions for a Lvl 3 qual 18 agent in a 0.4 or a lvl 4 ...2005.11.07 18:05:00
- Edited by: Douglas McCracken on 04/11/2005 18:46:50 1 guy in a logistics ship giving the AF unlimit ...2005.11.04 18:46:00
- "your ship is being scrambled" message that flickers up.ok im normally to buisy dying and franticly ...2005.10.30 16:56:00

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