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- Working both ie and ff (germany) ...2011.06.11 09:38:00
- Untanked, Untanked and Faction fitted afk ...2011.04.16 12:15:00
- Imagine that every probe gives you the distance between the target and the probe.With 1 probe you kn ...2011.04.14 05:22:00
- The answer is either missiles or dual box. With missiles. ...2010.11.06 07:40:00
- Also, the faction spawn in WC is chance based triggered whenever someone enters the pocket. If you r ...2010.10.21 14:45:00
- .. and if you use a smaller ship like a HAC, you have a higher chance of getting the tougher mission ...2010.10.16 12:27:00
- not true. he still has a chance.My agent sends me to low sec perhaps 1% of the time.And now tell us ...2010.09.20 21:35:00
- This agent is in hisec, but there is a lowsec system 2-3 jumps out.This lowsec, however, is in a dif ...2010.09.18 14:17:00
- Most isk/hr I believe, including or excluding LP. I have no idea how LP is actually income, so if yo ...2010.09.15 07:42:00
- So the best way to raise my Amarr Empire standing is to... do missions for Ammatar or Caldari corps? ...2010.09.12 09:58:00
- park my rattlesnake drop large drones and go watch a movie for 45 minutesConfirming this man speaks ...2010.09.11 19:49:00
- How can my Caldari and Ammatar standings be so high yet my Amarr standing -- the only faction I've e ...2010.09.10 13:36:00
- As already mentioned, it's slow and has a range too short for comfortable lvl 4, and the mayor pain ...2010.09.10 13:25:00
- I dunno what to say. Learn2EFT?You're right, you really don't know what to say.So how about you admi ...2010.09.05 07:06:00
- 1)Lows: 2 medium reps, DC, EANM, Faction Damage mode = = 500dps tank with about 500dps.According to ...2010.09.04 10:43:00

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