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- To prevent confusion and accidental de-cloaking, it would be very useful if gangs and maybe even cor ...2005.11.17 03:06:00
- Around how much isk per hour/day do you guys make running missions? ...2005.11.08 09:08:00
- Admittedly, i didn't take the time to read the 15 pages of posts on this forum, so i doubt anybody w ...2005.10.30 07:57:00
- Rather than having to open the character sheet to see the time remaining on a skill, it should be ma ...2005.10.25 20:55:00
- I like it too, makes hunting parties more organized and makes a fleet look much better (and makes mo ...2005.09.13 21:55:00
- So it's better than a POS or outpost how? ...2005.09.01 02:52:00
- Yes, I want a tractor beam. Just because. ...2005.09.01 02:51:00
- It all sounds good, but what's to stop a blacklisted person from using a noob corp alt? LOL or even ...2005.08.13 16:57:00
- Signed. I mean come on. ...2005.08.01 21:54:00
- Signed. A dozen times if I could. And how about an 'Orbit that over there' command? ...2005.08.01 21:50:00
- I think this would be great for CEO's to see for their own corp. Even for Alliances to see within t ...2005.08.01 21:48:00
- The repairshop currently shows all modules which are not repackaged, I think it should show only tho ...2005.08.01 21:47:00
- SORT BY SLOT. I want this ... please! ...2005.08.01 19:25:00
- Not to mention, there IS a blinking red light of sorts when the NPC targets you, he becomes encased ...2005.08.01 18:47:00
- Would be nice in station fitting to be able to roll your mouse over a module and have it show a smal ...2005.08.01 18:44:00

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