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- This is pathetic. I've never suicide ganked but protecting yourself from it it easy. Don't fly untan ...2008.08.06 07:51:00
- It appears to me that the "n00bs" in EVE are having a great time doing missions and upgrading their ...2008.06.18 11:02:00
- Here let me call up CCP right now and TELL THEM that they damn well better change the game mechanics ...2008.06.18 09:16:00
- Edited by: Apocryphai on 22/05/2008 16:36:53 Oh BTW, there's going to be a rush on 90d GTC's on sha ...2008.05.22 16:37:00
- At that price this is a 35% increase in my monthly cost to play EVE.You can dress this up, justify i ...2008.05.22 16:26:00
- You should update your economic theory a bit, read some people after Marx. Modern capitalist economi ...2008.05.15 08:05:00
- Not read the entire thread so apologies if someone has already pointed this out.What you're forgetti ...2008.05.14 09:19:00
- 27 months.Approx 13 billion. ...2008.04.24 21:08:00
- What has happened: All containers were set to expire 30 days after T1.1All containers? Really? Um ...2008.03.29 19:58:00
- Although Eve tatics commonly used wont provide a good bit of training for real navy stuff the revese ...2008.03.29 11:56:00
- Edited by: Apocryphai on 29/03/2008 11:53:56 The economist CCP have hired is a conventional academi ...2008.03.29 11:52:00
- wont happen for the basic reason that Eve is not Simulation of any form of combat. All combat is Eve ...2008.03.29 06:48:00
- Edited by: Apocryphai on 26/03/2008 08:40:42 Has anyone pointed out before that you're exactly copy ...2008.03.26 08:40:00
- Hi everyone,We are glad you noticed the rather delightful absence of ISK spammers post Trinity 1.1.W ...2008.03.24 09:47:00
- Learn to use the search function please. The search function on these forums is legendarily useless ...2008.03.24 09:43:00

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