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- I'm running L4s in an Apoc only because I didn't have the cash to throw down on an Abby (it's been a ...2010.03.01 06:15:00
- omg PLEASE improve controls! i feel like i'm flying a windows 98 computer through space/support ...2010.02.25 04:02:00
- I need to know what skills I need to make a delicious ham and cheese sandwich...oof that was bad. Ac ...2009.10.28 21:48:00
- title says it all. it says "Skill at boosting missile bay propulsion systems and manipulating guided ...2008.02.25 06:00:00
- thanks for the input guys, i'll be flying the crusader for now until i get my support missile skills ...2008.01.10 01:54:00
- ok i got off the battleship kick for a bit to get myself in interceptors with some decent skills. so ...2008.01.09 06:29:00
- not great but definitely better then the light blue look. ...2007.12.19 02:43:00
- have to admit i'm not a fan of the chubby looks great from the angles you posted, but the si ...2007.12.15 07:26:00
- Edited by: Chaplain Veritas on 13/12/2007 04:29:54 i fully support the revamping of EVE's horrible ...2007.12.13 04:26:00
- Edited by: Chaplain Veritas on 11/12/2007 21:01:31 yeah it's been said many a time, the cap use red ...2007.12.11 20:59:00
- if people are moving the mods for say, fittings for ships, they will be moving either the t2 version ...2007.12.10 21:13:00
- Edited by: Dheorl on 10/12/2007 19:57:17Let me know what this I-win setup is, we can dissect it in f ...2007.12.10 20:04:00
- Why not make refining items less efficient, so it's not worthwhile to create items, transport, and t ...2007.12.10 19:54:00
- first of all the devs said that Amarr need a boost, so everyone telling the OP to stfu can shuvitupy ...2007.12.10 19:42:00
- Haha, you guys are to hardcore.maybe you can attempt to make a player insurance? this.i think it w ...2007.12.08 23:33:00

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