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- Hey Aves! Happy Birthday to you and all that Jazz (pun intended).Cool to see that you guys are stil ...2009.09.21 08:47:00
- GF PL. You really deserve it. ...2009.09.20 21:57:00
- Well you forget that their work is Eve. I agree Megaman > Work. But also Eve > Megaman... So that i ...2009.09.20 21:51:00
- Edited by: Del Torres on 20/09/2009 18:57:08 nvm ...2009.09.20 18:57:00
- I really want to see more things shown to get to know better what is going on. For example it woul ...2009.09.20 17:29:00
- Looks to me like this console FPS is all about the $$$. CEO said the players are more important than ...2009.08.19 10:36:00
- Nah you don't get it. WiS is developed by another Dev team. ...2009.08.18 22:19:00
- people should wait and see how it plays out.this! ...2009.08.18 22:01:00
- Edited by: Del Torres on 18/08/2009 20:25:44 We need TONS more interaction between Eve and DUST. S ...2009.08.18 20:25:00
- thanks for the translation. very nice read.mind if i place a link to your thread from mine? You're ...2009.08.18 19:40:00
- K: How deep woll the DUST soldiers be embedded into the Eve world? Will they have a home town in the ...2009.08.18 19:26:00
- K: From all those things you could have added to Eve, why you decided for a console shooter? CCP: A ...2009.08.18 19:25:00
- Edited by: Del Torres on 18/08/2009 19:29:15 Translated from german: ...2009.08.18 19:24:00
- truncated content ...2008.12.11 17:39:00
- Theres a snake there, and a snake over there, oh look snakes it Jita, snakes EVERYWHERE... idiots.Sr ...2008.07.25 16:26:00

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