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- Edited by: Eszencia on 21/01/2009 17:17:26 Cloudy Bay is overpriced, I'd pay up to about 12 for a ...2009.01.21 17:27:00
- Speaking as a 6 month old member of Paxton I have never looked back since joining, this is a corp th ...2008.11.29 08:03:00
- Edited by: Qutan on 23/11/2008 06:53:28 Great bunch of guys to work with, after six months I still ...2008.11.23 06:51:00
- When you have done as many L4s as me you will see the need to do them as quickly as possible so have ...2008.09.30 14:40:00
- I see where you are coming from I played nearly 3 years solo, and was getting tired of the mindless ...2008.09.25 06:23:00
- Well done Paxton achieved all that while keeping a NRDS policy ....see it can be done . BRAVO PAXTON ...2008.09.18 14:18:00
- Edited by: Qutan on 02/09/2008 15:27:14 Where you are going wrong .....useing the same gate, concor ...2008.09.02 15:26:00
- Best corp in EvE ...2008.08.12 08:40:00
- test ...2008.08.12 08:31:00
- As a new member of Paxton Industries I have found a new home where I feel Iam supported by fellow pi ...2008.08.11 17:29:00
- Funny what people say about worlds collide I always use my drones and have never had a problem , nev ...2008.06.23 10:46:00
- Level 4 missions are not just about skills and ships the most important factor is your tactics, you ...2008.06.21 15:16:00
- I was looking at protecting my ships from target jamming and wanted to know how much sensor strength ...2008.05.28 05:44:00
- Dr Qutan says lie down take a deep breath and repeat eve is just a game repeat 10 times then think a ...2008.05.25 10:55:00
- Who cares?Looks like you do ...2008.05.25 10:39:00

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