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- The Minny Hurricane is one of my favourites. If aesthetics is your thing OP then head towards that ...2010.09.18 23:26:00
- If you're dedicating a lot of midslots to webs, AB/MWD, and such, then any shield tank you use will ...2008.09.30 17:25:00
- The drone frigate is the Imicus. Not super, sure, but it can hold 3 T2 lights. Most other frigates ...2008.09.29 12:00:00
- The extra attributes you're noticing come from the extra learning skills, not base attributes. A to ...2008.09.25 20:53:00
- Woot, it finally seems fixed.And regarding the "!", once the server updates the new player batch eve ...2008.09.25 12:01:00
- No, items are bought and sold on the station in which the item resides. You can buy an item from pr ...2008.09.21 12:16:00
- From how you're describing your targetting, I think what you're referring to is the auto-targetting ...2008.04.17 02:30:00
- Edited by: Ymandra Raystara on 20/01/2008 17:32:19 Very interesting idea. Perhaps, if implemented, ...2008.01.20 17:32:00
- Heyo,I hope this suggestion can be implemented:I would like to see the modified stats of drones when ...2008.01.20 15:00:00
- I kinda wish there was a way to expand the drone bay. There's modules for most other things, like e ...2008.01.18 22:49:00
- You're probably not going to like this answer, but your post kinda warrants it. As Minee said, ther ...2007.12.29 21:54:00
- Anything within the optimal range will work fine, be it 10km or 30km. Things start getting less eff ...2007.12.29 13:26:00
- Edited by: Ymandra Raystara on 29/12/2007 03:50:24 In regards to the inherent ship bonus, that is a ...2007.12.29 03:50:00
- Does opening someone else's wreck/can flag you (if the can/wreck is yellow) or is it the actual act ...2007.12.29 00:20:00
- Thanks for the input. I might be better off saving and moving into a Myrm. Right now I can only fi ...2007.12.28 17:15:00

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