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- Edited by: Ather Ialeas on 25/12/2009 10:34:02Corporate Theft Report 70+ billion combined ISK/asse ...2009.12.25 10:19:00
- Your Caracal put up a good fight...the Badger..not so much. ...2009.10.16 06:51:00
- Interesting that there seems to be a lot of disagreement here. Goes to show that there is only a lo ...2009.10.05 00:52:00
- Yet another nerf that makes solo/small gang pvp more difficult. Guerilla warfare and other quick st ...2009.09.07 04:03:00
- This is a very good thread! Thanks for posting! ...2009.08.17 22:36:00
- I heard the united is a bunch of noobs who only kill shuttles and rookie ships I wouldn't join them ...2009.08.11 05:31:00
- In this thread someone learned what the purpose of a business is. Amazing. ...2009.05.27 06:14:00
- Nice cap kills, wish I had been there for some more of those ...2009.05.10 16:10:00
- tarbo alliance=MAXIMUM HORSEPOWER ...2009.02.17 23:56:00
- hello everone i am have an education: is at crielere gate in rancer, is good education and should be ...2009.02.17 23:51:00
- good post would read again 10/10 ...2009.02.17 23:46:00
- Edited by: Ather Ialeas on 31/05/2008 20:12:26From your talk of raids, guilds, and levels, I'm going ...2008.05.31 19:58:00
- Wonderful job, exceptional on every front.This must have been quite a task, it turned out great, hop ...2008.05.31 05:35:00
- Edited by: Ather Ialeas on 23/03/2008 04:12:35 ...2008.03.23 04:12:00
- Not in a real corp and completely ignoring the PvP aspect of Eve which drives everything else in gam ...2008.03.19 00:18:00

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