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- Also the timers make the whole system so drawn out you have plenty of time to pull out if you need t ...2011.08.05 03:25:00
- Edited by: Agun on 05/08/2011 02:45:28 Phew, I sure can't read all of this. Props to you CCP guys f ...2011.08.05 02:44:00
- Hey is that to say they think they've already fixed it or do they realize there's still a problem ye ...2011.02.03 03:48:00
- Know what? I hope all you capital ship pilots DO get fed up and just LEAVE AND NEVER LOG IN EVER AGA ...2007.11.13 10:21:00
- Who said they are supposed to be purely drone ships? Just because some people think of them that way ...2007.11.13 10:10:00
- I detest buying/selling isk, and I even dislike the gamecard trading this game endorses.That said, i ...2007.11.13 09:50:00
- I can't believe most of the comments about freighters being a reason not to implement the idea, like ...2007.11.13 09:44:00
- Interesting idea! Makes one wonder tho, just how much the currencies would vary seeing as all Empire ...2007.11.01 05:28:00
- I think this is a terrible idea. The whole point of this is for backup drones and versatility, yes? ...2006.11.16 14:24:00
- Whenever Eve shuts off for whatever reason (I log off, or the server dies and I'm booted that way) m ...2006.08.25 03:47:00

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