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- CCP invented invention so that t2 prices wouldnt be affected. I think u can still get t2 performanc ...2006.12.28 10:07:00
- transporter is a great ship and nees at least 10 BS to bring it down. High value items = high valu ...2006.12.28 09:44:00
- the market data changes - its best to build reserves of as many items as u can and as they rise over ...2006.12.28 09:31:00
- ok u have 3 mag stabs on youre gallente ship a hybrid dmg mod will give u a 4th fitting meaning a pe ...2006.12.28 08:57:00
- u might find only 20 of the time u get an accelaeration 80% nothing happens or its skills related ( ...2006.12.28 08:40:00
- what we need is someone to make a list of what each specific rat type drops so if we are out ratting ...2006.12.28 04:29:00
- check out the privateers recruitment thread on this forum those guys are growing and with 50 killmai ...2006.12.27 21:09:00
- to the guy supporting ronin they have been sitting in placid im seeing their members there as i pass ...2006.12.27 21:04:00
- Edited by: Miss Overlord on 27/12/2006 20:22:29 Edited by: Miss Overlord on 27/12/2006 20:21:27 Ed ...2006.12.27 20:20:00
- yes compared with some single palyer offgame games CCP is falling behind - they taken their eye off ...2006.12.27 20:14:00
- prices are up as raw materials are up. Until supply goes up demand comes down or both prices will b ...2006.12.27 20:10:00
- jita is bad yes but .... having travelled around id say avoid syndicate and aridia ( for some reason ...2006.12.27 20:08:00
- eve item database hasnt been updated u will just have to check the ingame stats on the BPOs for more ...2006.12.27 20:05:00
- macro miners are now less id like to see CCP slash buy 75% the amount of sec status u hit for suicid ...2006.12.27 20:01:00
- slightly on topic finding cloaked ships is a bigger issue than the refined hard to find mission runn ...2006.12.27 19:58:00

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