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- why the hell did they make a min of 5, i dont use charisma and dont wanna spend my points in that wo ...2009.03.11 07:45:00
- love itbut got 1 question: if your skill finish during dt, will the next skill start or will it wai ...2009.02.04 12:05:00
- Its not you its ccp.This happened before and they took a while to fix it. I hope its quick this time ...2008.03.25 12:11:00
- hope you also fix the problem with the refining array. stupid thing says hes still running but it s ...2008.03.14 08:48:00
- i realy like the tab thing and being able to see the ewar thingy. and the option of filtering out a ...2008.02.07 09:21:00
- This is a stealth Minmatar boost! This change boosts EM damage, no matter what faction is using it. ...2008.01.31 13:40:00
- you have to buy an other account if you want to let him train skills while you're doing your ...2008.01.25 08:01:00
- when im in fleet i have everything from bottom of my screen to the top full with overview/fleet/dron ...2008.01.14 13:10:00
- it beter be online at 17 cos then im back from diner and i dont want to be waiting whole evening ...2007.12.18 16:30:00
- Edited by: XLord on 18/12/2007 16:27:39 hmm my xp is faster to desktop but only cos im slow with ty ...2007.12.18 16:26:00
- meh, normal is still fit in a bc:P so i can still rat and dont have to stop everytime i get a bs s ...2007.12.07 09:52:00
- yea both t1, and i dont think its wrong to change the volumes of t1s but come-on change it to somet ...2007.12.07 09:48:00
- any1 saw the heavy pulse laser (medium size) and dual heavy pulse laser (large) the medium is 100m ...2007.12.07 09:43:00
- the zise have always been a problem in my bio (and i play for 2 years now) but atm i cant make it l ...2007.08.21 12:19:00
- tried that but didnt work, it seems that i got 2 difrent games now but both store the setups/info on ...2007.08.21 11:33:00

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