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- Edited by: Flossing on 01/10/2010 18:14:43 Yay yet another tired thread about another topic that ha ...2010.10.01 18:13:00
- Id use the name CCP Thread locked. so i wouldnt have to keep typing thread locked. ...2010.09.30 15:03:00
- Lol i can see what you doing here, nice one, hope it works out well. ...2010.09.25 11:00:00
- how about a link to skills. ...2010.09.19 13:49:00
- The luxury yacht of course. ...2010.09.09 11:14:00
- Quoting me is fine, but please don't alter what I've actually said. Thanks. Shadow ...2010.09.08 13:03:00
- My hells angel internet Dad is bigger than your hells angel internet dad. ...2010.09.08 12:50:00
- Im partially in favour of this, but instead of them going on strike they should go on holiday to low ...2010.09.08 12:41:00
- Edited by: Flossing on 07/09/2010 13:14:34Best fail fit I have come across, is this guy (about a yea ...2010.09.07 12:53:00
- my guess is he, attacked a container or wreck belonging you to extend your timer , and your timer bu ...2010.09.02 19:09:00
- Edited by: Flossing on 15/08/2010 11:23:39 My estimate for this Char was 10 billion give or take an ...2010.08.15 11:23:00
- This must mean that eve is dying , its so busy everywhere that nobody must be playing, ...2010.07.18 07:10:00
- if its too crowded then move out. ...2010.07.17 23:59:00
- Edited by: Flossing on 16/07/2010 06:44:53Around 10billionish give or take a billion. I wouldnt sell ...2010.07.16 06:43:00
- i will because i will blow my self up with plex in cargo, just so i can be the first. ...2010.07.13 16:02:00

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