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- Edited by: Sakura Ren Fenikkusu on 25/06/2011 07:45:20 I have 4gb ram, quad core cpu, good vid card ...2011.06.25 08:24:00
- I have 4gb ram, quad core cpu, good vid card.... I load my 3 clients as usual, 20 minutes later I s ...2011.06.25 07:27:00
- Edited by: Joe Censored on 02/11/2010 21:33:41 Caldari are great at PVP, they just can't be flown l ...2010.11.02 21:29:00
- We spent over an hour just watching this guy sell off all our stuff. I entered a convo with him, he ...2010.10.28 21:14:00
- Turns out you can't fit a full rack of torps on the Rokh either, but I'm not going to make a thread ...2010.10.21 22:51:00
- Rook for smaller gangs, where your additional DPS counts, Falcon is useful everywhere else. ...2010.10.20 22:15:00
- ECM is the best thing Caldari have going for them PVP wise. Falcon is arguably the best EWAR ship i ...2010.10.20 22:11:00
- Don't you pay attention? People use Aurora Ominae now. ...2010.10.19 00:57:00
- Edited by: Joe Censored on 19/10/2010 00:55:46 Caldari have the two best recons in the game (Rook/F ...2010.10.19 00:48:00
- First off,This is a great game. I have been "eveing" it up for 7 years now. I have met a lot of ve ...2010.10.12 21:16:00
- Today's world needs peace, because we are all interconnected, globalism has taken hold. For Econom ...2010.10.12 21:07:00
- Edited by: Joe Censored on 05/10/2010 00:48:56 Who the hell wants to wait 3 months for a shiny new ...2010.10.05 00:48:00
- press esc click General Settings tab in center column down on the bottom, click install or somethi ...2010.10.03 05:13:00
- The only formula worth remembering is:Overheat + F1 = win:p ...2010.10.01 21:56:00
- Use a scout, or don't fly big slow ultra vulnerable ships like BS's through gates. Alternately fly ...2010.10.01 21:39:00

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