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- hydra reloaded ...2011.06.19 21:30:00
- stuffthanks for confirming that you are infact clueless if you really think NC does not RMT/bot. How ...2011.05.12 16:03:00
- Edited by: Dodgy Past on 11/05/2011 00:39:48 There's a very solid vibe that people 'own space' but ...2011.05.12 15:13:00
- U jelly m8? In soviet russia terrible space rent you ho hooo ...2011.05.11 14:59:00
- fu** the h8rs CCP you're doing great this has been a long time coming ...2011.05.11 13:32:00
- so long o/ ...2011.02.05 02:03:00
- I get no love. >:I got love for you bro ...2011.02.04 07:49:00
- Was quick and easy, thanks! ...2010.10.30 00:01:00
- Was a fun run guys and sad to see everyone go. As a parting gift to me I helped myself to the both e ...2010.10.28 21:48:00
- Told you I would make you all pay for not inviting me to your last slosh opYOU DIDN'T LISTEN ...2010.01.26 04:41:00
- I have such a mancrush on you right now sel/abathur. The only other thing for ms needing tweaked wou ...2009.12.22 13:52:00
- /signed, fix the damn things already CCP ...2009.12.07 01:01:00
- gobbins mad lolI fail to see what you hope to achieve here? Everyone knows we are terrible. ...2009.12.03 20:15:00
- gratz verone ...2009.11.24 14:58:00
- Thanks for at least listening to us and realizing that the changes would have broke them even more. ...2009.11.19 22:43:00

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