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- Machine Info and Settings:OS: Windows 7 CPU: AMD Phenom II 4x 955 GPU: ATI HD Radeon 5770 xxx Edit ...2011.08.09 20:59:00
- A guy by the name of Blossom22 warped onto the Capital Rotation Spot and tackled me. I warned him se ...2011.07.13 11:55:00
- Join the channel "Moveme" ingame, or start heading to the system "6-C" If your gonna make a post a ...2011.07.01 23:44:00
- Singularity is our best testing resource, it's the closest simulation we have against Tranquility an ...2011.07.01 23:41:00
- Something like this needs to be added to Every system in New Eden. Not just the 'corrupt you have to ...2011.06.24 02:49:00
- I second this~A small Button at the Right side, just Above; but linking to the where the Overload bu ...2011.05.28 02:39:00
- OS Version: Windows 7 Ultimate CPU: Phenom II 4x GPU: ATI HD 5990 xxx Edition RAM: Common 6gb w ...2011.05.12 21:11:00
- OS Version: Windows 7 x64 CPU: AMD Phenom II 4x GPU: Radeon HD 5770 xxx Edition RAM: 6gbAverage F ...2011.03.10 21:18:00
- Friendly bump :)10x Tickets Bought ...2010.10.17 08:05:00
- -16th of September, 20:00 eve time. -Windows 7 Ultimate -AMD Phenom II Processor -GeForce 9800 1+ ...2010.09.16 22:39:00
- Edited by: Era''kanath on 04/07/2010 07:44:13 The Corporation ''Caldari Navy Mission Running United ...2010.07.04 07:42:00
- Well iv recently watched the trailers and wandered why my Apocalypse battleship was so 'pixilated' c ...2009.10.13 09:13:00
- Well the corp im in has been Really inactive, so im wishing to join a partially large corporation th ...2009.08.04 22:19:00

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