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- Let me just say this. Divding by two can be very important XD Forgot to do that on the original ca ...2011.05.01 21:04:00
- Ok, so I've gone and noticed it costs more to build Fullerides than it does to buy them off the mark ...2011.05.01 17:56:00
- An actual pro-tip:Don't buy/sell in Jita.Agreed! Couldn't hand a better pro-tip myself.Another pro- ...2011.04.24 20:54:00
- Sounds real nice, suits EVE quite well indeed. The twinkle synth coming in around 20s is a tad shar ...2010.07.02 18:21:00
- Very nice. Any chance you're planning on making more tracks? =DIf there is enough support. I will a ...2010.07.02 03:51:00
- Deserves to be in-game imo.Thanks a bunch. I doubt it would be put in though :) ...2010.07.02 03:34:00
- hidid u actually make this song? if so, well done ,good job.Yes I did actually. I'm a composer/audi ...2010.07.02 03:20:00
- Edited by: Trebor Locke on 02/07/2010 03:13:41 So, I occassionally release music to the public thro ...2010.07.02 03:11:00
- Edited by: Zeba on 28/04/2010 22:08:06 Magic Crystal BallYes because the numbers on sisi right now ...2010.04.29 20:59:00
- Edited by: Trebor Locke on 01/02/2010 19:30:18 Edited by: Trebor Locke on 01/02/2010 19:26:02 It a ...2010.02.01 19:25:00
- It appears to me that the only thing that has changed with Dominion, it's the Sov map itself, and no ...2010.02.01 16:58:00
- Edited by: Trebor Locke on 20/07/2009 04:39:16 @Trebor..You might want to read the "intention" of t ...2009.07.20 04:37:00
- Well with that your claiming that leaving the holes in the market for the new traders is reason not ...2009.07.19 19:11:00
- Akita,Your comments are very socialistic in nature. The only means of generating money (other than ...2009.07.05 01:08:00
- Hey, keep bumping the thread with baseless accusations of a situation you know nothing about. I'm en ...2009.05.06 05:08:00

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