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- Honestly, I don`t see how this will stand as it is in the long run...The yeld is so low on high sec. ...2010.06.18 14:16:00
- Come on guys, will you ever fix this ****ty database you patched on 1.1? server down AGAIN!!!!! ...2010.01.23 13:52:00
- So sad after reading most of this thread... Irecently came back to EVE and found out about all this ...2009.09.12 21:00:00
- Honestly if I was the manager of the developers team, I'd give each one a playboy magazine and ask t ...2008.03.15 12:46:00
- Hello.I'm here to state my satisfaction with Dynasty Banking. I'm a member of Dynasty Corporation an ...2008.03.03 02:53:00
- Hya. Just got an Ishkur while I train up for a Jaguar. Honestly, I like the drones, but the speed an ...2007.10.13 02:05:00
- Thorax with 2x Salvage Tackle and 1x Auxiliary Thruster rigsI would fit 3x S.T rig, but it would be ...2007.04.13 06:55:00

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