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- Now I wanna create an alliance called Bjorn. And then we can NAp eachother and be the " Bjorn Borg w ...2011.06.22 09:07:00
- 100 mil and I spy for you on their TS ...2011.06.20 17:33:00
- Edited by: Meno Theaetetus on 15/06/2011 19:54:18 Will this please our new landlords?No, cuz when s ...2011.06.15 20:05:00
- Will this please our new landlords?No, cuz when someone knocks at your sovdoor you will run all over ...2011.06.15 16:58:00
- Oh no, IRC took a system from an alliance that is fully committed elsewhere!? What will they do? wh ...2011.06.02 10:26:00
- Mostly Useless are disbanding?! Who's gonna be Eve's most Useless alliance now?!IRCagree'dIRC is spa ...2011.06.02 09:07:00
- Sad truth of the matter is this isn't a normal war this is a war against RMT empire and there lil "b ...2011.06.02 05:58:00
- It is however Ironic that the NC has been brought down by their enemies who always said they are doi ...2011.06.01 14:22:00
- Posting here to say PL sux Shot down my poor Taranis, I hate you all now <3 Zyer ...2011.06.01 09:15:00
- The funny part about my post is that even after 3 years I can still troll pubbies with it.And now lo ...2011.05.11 15:10:00
- 0utbreak owned space, dont lie!Took a station from Rise in cloud ring, sadly Devs stole it from us = ...2011.05.09 18:00:00
- on a more serious note the membership of "EVOL" hasn't dropped much, still at around 500 with tax ra ...2011.05.06 12:11:00
- I'm so excited I could just KISS you snotty./swoonSomeone called? ...2011.05.04 20:36:00
- Drink some more and you will find your answear.... ...2011.05.03 07:58:00
- How can it get bigger? You have everyone besides DRF blue. NC had made it an art to blue everythin ...2011.04.23 21:23:00

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